How We Engineered the Perfect Foam Dart Pistol

Choosing a modified Nerf blaster sidearm can be a challenging process! This is your back-up then you run out of ammo, or your beloved Caliburn or FDL-3 has a jam. Game types from HvZ (Humans vs Zombie) to NIC Wars (Nerf Internet Community Wars) have different loadout demands. The L.F.A. Kobra-1 was designed to perform as your last resort, no matter the situation.

Our Specifications:


The Kobra-1 has consistently demonstrated ranges of over 100 feet in testing with standard NERF elite darts. This number is subject to change based on the type of dart that is used, barrel length, and wind conditions. Our FPS rating will be coming soon, once production ready blasters have been properly calibrated. 


The Kobra-1 utilizes an integrated, linear magazine that is 6.5 inches in length. This means that the Kobra-1 can comfortably hold 2 full-length darts in reserve with one ready to fire in the barrel, or 4 half-length darts in reserve. This capacity makes the Kobra-1 perfect as a secondary blaster. 


  • Tacti-cool: The Kobra-1 comes ready for attachments with two integrated Weaver rails at the top and underside of the blaster. Attach gear to suit the mission, from red dot sights and ACOG scopes to laser sights and flashlights.
  • Easy Disasembly: Simply unscrew the back 6 plate screws to access the entire plunger and catch assembly. Appropriately sized springs can be easily swapped out to change the performance of the blaster to your specific needs. 
  • Choose Your Darts: The Kobra-1 accepts all 1/2" diameter ammunition from NERF Elite darts to any other 3rd party option. Does not accept NERF Mega ammunition or NERF High Impact Rounds (Balls).
  • Choose Your Barrel: While the stock barrel is geared towards excellent overall performance, 1/2" diameter barrels such as CPVC can be interchanged via the coupling system at the front of the blaster. Players will be able to swap out the barrel for one that is optimized for their specific spring and ammo combination.


The Kobra-1 is built like a tank! We use only the optimal materials for each of its parts.

  • 1/2" Polycarbonate Sheeting
  • Steel Alloy Screws
  • Solid ABS Printed Parts
  • Solvent Weld Bonding

The Kobra-1 has been tested to withstand ANY abuse you can throw at it. 

  • Drop Testing
  • Dry Firing
  • Depriming Resistance
  • Extreme Cold
  • Extreme Heat
  • Water Resistance